“The Changing Media Landscape and Multimedia Reporting.”

journalism nextThe times are changing and I must get with it.

I am not savvy of the platforms that are used today to get the word out.  When I was younger, computers were mostly used for homework and job applications.  There were no platforms to blog on, to hookup with old friends or to share your life with the world.  I am sporadically engulfed in Facebook and Instagram, and has not used them to their full potential.

I never imagined journalism being filtered through platforms such as FB, IG, and Twitter. Journalism Next by Mark Briggs introduced me to a whole new world of using platforms to guarantee the continuance of journalism.  First, journalism to me was writing a great story for newspaper or television and having everyone get their information that way.  Now journalism for me is adding avenues that are not the norm for everyone to get the same information, in a short amount of time.  The possibilities are endless for what can be done with the different sites offered today.

Computers are not my strong suit, so when I’m faced with having to navigate through certain sites it is more complicated than I would like to admit.  Navigation has been a huge part of my daily function, but am I doing it correctly and efficiently, I doubt it.  Journalism is all about knowing how to navigate, create, and browse.  General browsing is as simple as knowing what to ask the computer to look up and getting that information back.  I usually use Chrome or Internet Explorer, which are easy for me to bookmark pages.

Briggs also discussed, in numbers, how important digital information is.  I have heard of Giga, Kilo, and Mega Bytes, but the chapter offered more than just the name and sizes. The importance of knowing how much to send over the web in order to make sure you are using the right size to get information out is key.  I never really paid much attention to the size of pictures I send with emails or try to download, I just do it.

The first chapter has made me aware of what I am doing could potentially do more harm in the long-run if I don’t get a sense of size now. The ever changing way of reporting is beginning to give hope for a future that not only allow for  creative thinking, but individuality.  Providing news through an avenue that is personal and reflective of you is a platform that can change whenever one likes.

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