Sgt Wilson-Valis: She’s in charge

wilson-valisSergeant Wilson-Valis, the commanding officer of the Ballistic Vest Unit, is part of the decision making when it comes to the new vests for the New York Police Department.

In the February 2015 press conference, she along with Commissioner Bratton and Mayor de Blasio, explained in detail the cost and make of the new vests.  These vests are considered a big deal for the NYPD considering the major flack officers have been getting.

The Alpha Elite AX3A will be the brand of vests officers are swapping their old ones out for.  Along with the new name comes a new price tag of $639.40 per vest, plus additional costs for the special metal plates installed.

Sgt. Wilson-Valis plays a major role in constructing the new plan to keep officers safe, and she is doing it as a minority on both scales. She is a black female, who has one of the most important jobs in the police force.  The frenzy around police officers actions or lack there of has seemingly grouped all cops together.  The negative number of policing has outweighed the positive.

Being able to see a minority as well as a female that has a say in such important matters, almost makes her a type of “filling” that may close the gap between the two c’s: cops and civilians. Young boys and girls of color are able to see someone they identify with that is making a difference while holding a strong position.

The NYPD has not been the most diverse police unit, but given the many groups of minority officers one sees today, it is looking up for them.  Not only is the NYPD trying to diversify its precincts in the boroughs, it is implementing steps to keep officers safe as well.

Check out the video below to hear Sgt Wilson-Valis full speech of the new vests.

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