“Who is Ann Derry and What is She Doing at The New York Times?”

ann derryAnn Derry is what you would call a lady with a “vision.”

Derry currently holds the position of Editorial Director of Video Partnerships at The New York Times. The University of California, Santa Cruz graduate has worked to broaden The New York Times video presence by increasing the number available online at nytimes.com. The categories range from Politics to Fashion.

No matter the interest, there is something for everyone to watch.

She began her career at The New York Times in 2000 as the Director of Program Production and Executive Producer. She reshaped the way the New York Times Television produced videos for its viewers. Under her leadership the program produced documentaries for Frontline, Nova and Discovery.

Derry’s knack for digital video has helped to build a platform that many can take advantage of on a daily basis. With internet available almost anywhere, it is not hard to watch on the go.

The Times plethora of videos gives viewers unique stories that not only educate, but inform and entertain.

Short stories, such as the Kodak era, is one way to learn a little bit about the transition that has happened within the company; rather than sitting through hour(s) long documentaries.

Derry is at the forefront of supplying videos that capture the audiences attention and keeps it there.salad nytims

If you are a foodie like me, you’ll love the Food section that offers an array of recipes, suited for the chef in you. From lettuce-less salads to braised briskets, there is no appetite left unturned.

For the “fashionista” in you, why not have a front-row seat to old and new trends that make heads turn.  Style has walked right into the Times featured video section; with its fresh, bold colors and shoes for any day of the week.

No matter the time of day, TimesVideo is only a few clicks away.

So, enjoy the minute(s) long vids with enough information to keep the wheels turning in your head until your destination.

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