Ozier Muhammad: The Wisdom of a Veteran Photographer

ozier muhammad“A pictures worth a thousand words.”

Ozier Muhammad displays his talent for still frames with style and grace.

I am not a professional photographer, but when I see photos taken by a professional I am in awe. I notice the photographer only focuses on what he/she wants shown. This is one thing I feel I don’t have a natural talent for; my photos seem to have too much going on in them.  The main focus is never clear.

However, I was excited to hear what Mr. Ozier had to say about photography.  The attention to detail and demand of the frame was more than I could have imagined.

Given the many years he has spent capturing others, the possibility that he will not get the right shot never crossed an amateur’s mind like myself. But as with any other hobby/profession, it takes practice and hard work.

As a well traveled professional photographer, Muhammad has captured almost everyone from Nelson Mandela to the average New Yorker.  In each, the focus was never unclear of what was being seen.  As if etched into the frame, he directs the viewers eyes to the object with precision.

The joy to do something that you love is an overall wonderful feeling.  It is very apparent that Muhammad not only sees the world through lens but makes powerful statements with those stills.

Because of his keen eye for detail, I have started focusing on my surroundings.  This has changed the way I view the world.

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