Pamela Geller’s Controversial Visit to Brooklyn College

pamela gellerPamela Geller visited Brooklyn College on April 22, 2015, to discuss “Freedom of Speech” and the issues she faced when talking about Islamic supremacy.

Geller voiced her concerns about the younger generation not speaking up in reference to the extreme Islamic ways. She wanted to use her platform to urge them to ask questions in order to do something and change the dynamic.  She provided historical examples of different things that have effected many, due to a limited amount of information provided to the public.

Although the speech took place at an institution for higher learning, the crowd (mostly students), continued to talk over her and make unnecessary remarks instead of listening to the message she was trying to convey.  Young men even began to walk out in single filed lines as she spoke about the issues.

As she continued to try and make her case, the random shouts from the crowd was disturbing and disrespectful.  It was as if they came, not to hear her speak, but to show how much disdain they had for the subject.  Although they exercised their “freedom of speech”, not one person provided a clear pamela geller 4opposition to the topic.

So, what is the point of talking when no one wants to listen?

In order to combat the non-listeners, Geller has posted ads on MTA buses that may make some uncomfortable, but what she feels is necessary. The power of speech is so important, that even when it is unpopular, she feels it must be said.

She uses very extreme messages to provoke a discussion,  because she feels the idea of offensive speech needs to be protected also.

Although her agenda may not sit well with some, she continues to push forward in an effort to educate many.

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