Peter Gabriel: Fighting Injustice with a Videocamera

peter gabrielPeter Gabriel has dedicated time and effort to bringing justice by teaching others how to use video cameras to record events that are in need of urgent attention.

Gabriel co-founded WITNESS, in 1992, and has been working everyday since to shed light on issues many face around the world.

During his TED Talk Conference in 2006, Gabriel gave an account of how he was bullied by several classmates and the way he felt after the ordeal.  Many are unaware of the humiliation inflicted on those by their peers on school grounds.

“Harmless bullying” is sometimes reserved for those who are considered pre-teens and  a slap on the wrist is often the penalty. The best way to prevent bullying is for people to recognize the signs in order to halt it in the future.

Witness is a platform that teaches those who are willing to provide the hard evidence (footage) of injustices “of human rights”, through the usage of video cameras.  This is a safe way for  activists to tell the story and for those who are watching, to see for themselves, the conditions some are living in.peter gabriel witness 2

It is very rare these days for people not to have a phone with a camera and/or video.  The power of just being able to take pictures and record at any second is an amazing option to have when it comes to human rights. The split moment it takes to press record or snap a photo could potentially save a life or help solve a crime.

The news is filled with clips and breaking stories of videos that was recorded on cell phones and uploaded to media sites. Without some of these people who displayed enough courage to provide this type of documentation, the stories may never be known.

Although the subject matters or images maybe disturbing, it is important for all to see.

The dedication Gabriel is putting into his work is an inspiration to the voiceless.

See a short clip from his TED Talk below.

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