“One Day My Spring Will Come”

wpid-20150403_162224-1.jpgWhen i think of spring, I think of bright flowers and cool air.

This past winter, in New York City, has made spring a hot commodity. The below freezing temperatures made the days feel longer and the nights colder. Icicles,  although beautiful too look at, are not the safest and black ice is not our friend.

Although winter has its beauty, with its snowfalls and clear skies at times, it doesn’t lend that blanket of warmth needed while outdoors.

I’ve learned a lot this winter, especially since it was too cold to go outside.  I’ve learned board games with friends are necessary, starting up that old Nintendo game brings the kid out of you, and relaxing never felt so good!

I am waiting for that day when spring greets me with a warm hello and the chill in the air retreat.  Yes, I’m a warm weather type of person. Given that my birthday is in the summer and I’m from the South, nothing soothes my soul like warm weather and sunshine.

One day my spring will come and when it does I will be ready.

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