“America’s Tabloid Joins the Video Revolution”

indexFrank Posillico, video editor at The New York Daily News, has worked his way up in the business and continues to do so.

Posillico, one of the youngest members of The New York Daily News and SUNY at Stony Brook graduate, has managed to use his skills from his time at Stony Brook as Editor-in-Chief to pave to the way into his recent position.

The New York Daily News is one of the top leading papers in New York City that has included video to its online site.  This includes everything from “outrageous shoes” to “how to lock your bike properly”.  Running one after the other, the videos give the site more of an interactive feel.  Since so many are on the go and the clips are short, this is the best way to spend time riding the bus or train.

Posillico lends a wise word to the young, he not being much older himself, says, “I made my own job. Push for what you want.”  With video becoming a central part of today’s online sites, this young man is ahead of the curve.  He is not certain if print will completely fall-off, but he does not mind if it does.

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