“Endless Winter”

indexIt was as if winter did not want to let go.

The short days and below freezing temperatures are not the best times during winter. Although it brings beautiful snow, before the dirt gets to it, and clear skies at times;  winter is like that distant relative that shows up when you’re not ready.

This winter was the most brutal; pipes bursting, slippery black ice and frost bitten hands. “This is nothing,”  exclaims native New Yorkers.  I listen to stories about “how it was always this cold in my time” and comments such as “you’ll get used to it.”

I don’t think I will ever get used to this type of cold. Bone-chilling, breath snatching cold. My first winter was not as bad, this being my third winter, it has gotten worse. I enjoy a good clear sky with the sun beaming down, but if that means I must rush to get to where I’m going, I can do without.

I don’t want to speak I’ll of winter, but sometimes it is persistent on making the layers of clothing increase. No, I don’t want to speak I’ll of winter, but winter does not seem to know when to let go.

When spring finally came around, I rejoiced like many others tired of winters firm grip. Birds sing a more upbeat tune and squirrels play as they did before the breeze turned into a cold chill.

Winter came through and made a mark on everyone and everything it touched. Let us remember that winter is always around the corner and soon enough it will come back like a dear friend none of us wants.

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