Heel to Toe at Brooklyn’s local bar

Ankle boot & converse at the same bar.
Same bar, different style.

Bar life in New York City is filled with an array of people, usually clusters of friends; but it also has something else…shoes!

This is one of the world’s most fashion forward cities; so it is not unexpected to find shoes of all kinds high-stepping it in the up and coming neighborhoods of Brooklyn.

Of course this is no surprise, but the difference in footwear is.  The party vibe and background noise is typical of a bar – always packed with people looking to have a good time while sipping on reasonably priced drinks.

Patrons have also added to the make-up by showing off their sense of style in cool kicks.

Looking for a bar to satisfy the craving for cold drinks and hot food in Brooklyn?  Look no further.  Crown Heights is serving all that and then some.

Metallic time.

I decided to satisfy my curiosity by zooming in on some of the different faces of women’s shoes at Franklin Park.

Not only does this old garage – converted into an eatery and bar – offer some of the best burgers and tap in Crown Heights, the variety of shoes show just how much they are a part of the aesthetics.

Forget the sneakers and comfy flats to hangout with friends in bars, it’s about standing while making a statement.

Just wedge it.

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