Brooklyn Pride 2015: Through a child’s eyes

Brooklyn Pride 2015

Brooklyn held its annual LGBTQ+ Family Pride Parade on Saturday, June 13th.  Amongst its spectators – a little girl – who was an inspiration to all.

Using the pavement as her very own chalkboard, she wrote genuine encouragements. Those walking in the parade, as well as watching; viewed the brightly colored messages that read, “Good for you & good step.”

As I snapped a few photos of the young artist in the making, her mother stood by smiling. It gave me joy to witness the child fully embrace the world around her – no matter the differences.

“Good step”
“Good for you”


The parade went well past sundown and was worth every minute. New York City mayor, Bill de Blasio and wife, joined supporters as they walked down 5th Avenue.  Brooklyn Men (K)onnect and The New York City Council also joined the many groups in support.

There was no shortage of parade floats, banners, and brightly colored outfits to keep the crowd enthralled.  A giant PFLAG (Parents Flag) made its way down the street with many hands on deck to carry it.

This year marked the 19th year for Brooklyn.  The events calender for 2016 is scheduled to be released by the end of 2015.  Timeout magazine provides online and print versions of all things to do in New York from month-to-month.  Nevermind the season, there’s always something happening.

Brooklyn Pride 2015
Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio
Brooklyn Pride 2015
The New York City Council
Brooklyn Men (K)onnect

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